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This semester I am teaching PHYS 54

I have taught the following undergraduate and graduate classes at UNC:

PHYS 054: From the Matrix to Mission Impossible: Physics in Movies: Analysis of physics concepts shown in movie scenes; forces; Newton’s laws; friction; momentum; energy; harmonic motion; fluids; classical and special relativity.

PHYS 101: Basic Concepts of Physics: Motion; gravity; linear and angular momentum; energy; classical, special and general relativity; structure and states of matter; thermodynamics; nuclear physics.

PHYS 104: General Physics: Kinematics; Forces; Newton’s laws of motion; dynamics of uniform circular motion; work; energy; impulse and momentum; rotational kinematics; simple harmonic motion; fluids; temperature and heat; ideal gas law; thermodynamics; waves and sound.

PHYS 128: Modern Physics: Special theory of relativity; particle-like properties of electromagnetic radiation; wavelike properties of particles; Schroedinger equation; Rutherford-Bohr model of the atom; hydrogen atom in wave mechanics; many-electron atoms; nuclear structure and reactions; radioactivity; astrophysics.

PHYS 521: Advanced Quantum Mechanics: Time-independent perturbation theory; structure of hydrogen; variational principle; WKB method; tunneling; alpha-particle decay; time-dependent perturbation theory; beta-decay.

PHYS 543: Nuclear Physics (undergraduate course): Environmental radiation; radioactive decay; nuclear dating techniques; interaction of radiation with matter; nuclear reactions; nuclear weapons; nuclear power; radiation detectors; nuclear medicine; nuclear astrophysics.

PHYS 862: Nuclear Astrophysics (graduate course): Astrophysical S-factors; stellar reaction rates; Breit-Wigner formula; thermonuclear reaction rates; stellar evolution and structure; stellar burning stages; nucleosynthesis; supernovae; globular clusters; numerical modeling of nuclear reactions, reaction networks, and nuclear data analysis.